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The island of Kythera (or Cerigo) is situated in the southeast of Peloponissos and belongs to the Ionian Islands (Kefalonia, Corfu, Zakynthos, Ithaca, Kythera, Lefkada and Paksoi). Administratively, Kythera belong to the Piraeus Prefecture. Placed between the cape Maleas and Crete, it is the passage from the Aegean to the Ionian high sea. The island is 120 navy miles far from the port of Piraeus, and its surface is 280 square Km. The coasts of Kythera are 52Km long. The population of the island is 3.000 inhabitants but the Kytherians all over the world (Australia, Canada, United States, etc) are many thousands.

The immigration wave of Kytherians towards Australia is one of the biggest immigration waves that have ever taken place in Greece. The basic occupation of the inhabitants is tourism and agriculture. The agricultural products of the island are several and very famous indeed! The most famous is the Kytherian thyme honey! In addition, a strange flower thrives on the tops of the Kytherian mountains. The inhabitants have called this flower "Sempreviva" (originally Semprevivo). It's an Italian compoundword, which means "live eternally". This name derives from the fact that when this unique flower is dried out, it never withers. The Sempreviva doesn't have any leafs but instead, its small yellow buds reveal its beauty . This flower thrives only at the Kytherian mountains!

A Voyage to Kythera means to many people a nostalgic wandering in exotic and dreamt places, just like in Wattaeu's romantic painting "The Embarkment for the Island of Kythera" (L' Embarquement pour l' ile de Kythere).The myth of Kythera, also known as the island of love, goes far back in the traditions of France and Italy. Voyage to Kythera, a difficult task, an island to which pilgrims set out but never succeed in arriving. As long as it stays far, preserves its distant spark as a land of eternal destination, impossible dream and ideal beauty. Since ancient times Kythera is related to the myth of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and Eros. There it lies in her heavenly haze as a land as much utopic as well real and within reach.